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Synchronize with Google Contacts

To synchronize your Google Contacts with, perform the following steps:

1. Go to CRM Module and CRM Sales subsection

2. Choose Contacts

3. Click on Google Contacts button on bottom right side and Configure

If you are already signed in to your Google Account, you will be asked to Grant Access to your account. If you are not yet signed in to your Google Account, login there, and then Grant Access.

Once you Grant Access, the page will forward you to the CRM Contacts list. 

1. Click again on Google Contacts button on the bottom right side

2. Choose Settings

3. Match the categories in your Google Account with the categories and save

4. Click on Google Contacts again and Synchronize

The synchronization will start and after a while you can refresh your Contacts list to see the new synced contacts.

If you want to add a new category to the CRM contacts list that should be synced with Google  Contacts, right click on the Categories list under the left menu.

1. Type the Category Name

2. Choose the Parent Category

3. Click on Create

Note that the Supplier, Customer and Employee Contacts will not be automatically set as suppliers, customers and employees.

For example, although customer contacts fall under Client Contacts category, they will not be reflected in CRM Accounts, PM and Accounting Customer Center sections. In order to see them in those sections, you need to  change the type of the contact by editing.

1. Choose the contact and click on Actions dropdown.

2. Select Edit Contact option

3. In the Account Type part, tick the "Customer" box and save.

There is a limit for the number of contacts synced, which is maximum of 5000.

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