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Add New Non-Inventory Item

To create Non-Inventory Item, go to Product/Services listing page and click Add or use hot keys "ALT+t" (for Google Chrome) and "Shift+Alt+t" (for Mozilla Firefox).

If you are already in Accounting and Finance section you can go to + Add New on top left-corner and dropdown menu will appear, here you can click on the Product/Service.

If you select Non-Inventory Item in Product Type the form will appear with the following fields:

Add New Non-Inventory

Product TypeSelect Non-Inventory Item type and following fields will be available:

Product NameWrite the name of Non-Inventory Item.

Product Number Product number will be set automatically. You can set your own numbering in Settings, Numbering Settings, Product Numbering.

Category Choose a category of the Non-Inventory Item. You can add new Category here in dropdown clicking Add New or in Settings, Product Categories and Add Category.

Tax Rate Tax rate to the per unit of Non-Inventory Item.              

RateSelling price of the Non-Inventory Item to customers.

AccountSales account will be set by default, you can choose another income account from dropdown menu.

If you want to show this Non-Inventory Item in purchase documents (Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice, or supplier Credit Note), you need to check "Is purchased from supplier" check-box. And following fields show up:

Purchase Price Cost price of the Non-Inventory Item to the company.

Expenses AccountSelect an expense account to track spendings.

If you are going to input more data about the Non-Inventory Item you can push More options:

SKU number

UPC number

Unit measurement



Part number

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