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Gantt Chart

                                              Gantt Chart

A Gantt chart is a horizontal bar chart, which is used in a project management. It is a Graphical illustration of the schedule that helps to plan, coordinate, and track specific tasks in project.  To see the Gantt chart of the specific project, go to Project Management >> Projects and from the action menu click on Beta Gantt Chart.

Gantt Chart

If you proceed with the link following window will appear:

Add Task –add tasks to the project.

Refresh – refresh window with this button

Button‚Äč   -filter the tasks by changing start and end date. After you have indicate start and end date, filter automatically changes moves back to the beginning of the week (Monday) and ending date will be automatically changed to the end of the week (Sunday).

In the next box after filter box you can select an employee to filter the Gantt Chart.

Export as –you can export your Gantt on excel

Note: Exported excel sheet will be the same as the current view of the Gantt Chart on the browser.

Import –import your projects to the system on MS project file, system will not upload projects in other formats.

Show actual start/end –tick the checkbox to see the actual start and end date of the tasks.

Zoom in/out – with this button you will be able to zoom in/out the second part of the Gantt chart where you will be able to see the daily, weekly and monthly tasks of the project.

Customize Panel- in this panel you can add columns to be seen on the Gantt chart or vice versa hide on the Gantt chart.

Moreover, in the Gantt chart with the quick cell edit option you can change information about dates, priority, estimated time and specify whether it is billable or not. In the second part also you can change the period of the tasks by moving the box of the task, also you can see how the tasks are interrelated with the specific color and what other colors mean:

Black color stands on the top of the tasks which means that this task is the Workstream of other tasks. By dragging this box you can change the start and end date time of the worksteam.

Blue color means incompleteness and the size of the box indicates start and end date of the task. You can change the date of the task by dragging and dropping the task.

Green color, in contrast with the black color means completeness of the task.

Pointers after the task which is linked to other task shows that next task is successor task which should be completed after the current task and the task which is pointing to another task is processor task.

Further, administrator of the company can change permission to Gantt chart and limited roles or role will change the Gantt chart and other will be able to just view the Gantt chart.

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