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Recurring task

A recurring task is a project-related task that can repeat at regular intervals (such as daily, weekly, monthly etc) and always have the same duration and attributes. For example, you might define the daily project progress meeting as a recurring task.

To create a recurring task in kpi system click on the Advanced Options on Add task form and tick Recurring checkbox. It will show different recurrence options:

kpi recurring tasks

In the first line of recurrence options you may define the recurrence type of your task, such as Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly basis. Second line shows repeating interval of your task according to selected recurrence type. 

Also you can either define an End date of the recurring task or define the task to end after x occurences.

  All the future recurring tasks are created beforehand at the time you set the recurrance. So all the recurring tasks set for the future time will also be shown in the task listing.

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