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Stock Adjustments

1. In Stock Adjustment you may add stocks / products to warehouses. For Creating Stock Adjustment, go to Warehouse page and choose Stock Adjustment from left corner menu. Then Click Add to create new Stock Adjustment:


2. When create new Stock Adjustment you may see Adjust Stock Quantity page. In this page you should fulfill each dates and informations.

Date - Enter date
No. - number of adjustment
Adjustment Account - Adjustment account
Prodact Name - The name of product
Description - Description of Product
Warehouse - Name of Warehouse
Current Quantity - current quantity
New Quantity - enter new quantity
Quantity Difference - difference between current and new quantity
Cost per item added - cost of item ( change it manually )
Project - Select the name of Project
PDF Version - get PDF version of Stock Adjustment
Save & Close - Save all entries
Cancel - cancel all entries

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